Virgie Dress - Linen Salvage x Magnolia Pearl


Chandelier fleurettes cascade down in delicate stripes that circle the dress in a nod to true Victorian Vintage style, and create a lovely french inspired design frame, that looks very chic and effortless.

The neckline is framed by ivory delicate lingerie style lace and the embroidery leaves are delicate and beautiful.

Virgie is at its' heart a graceful tunic, that works beautifully as a house dress, nightie, or a springtime pretty shift when you go out to play.

We think it would look fabulous with a big loose handknit cardigan and sandals.

Easy , comfortably loose and soft , he fabric has a very subtle sheen from the silk.

The fit is very oversized, so if you indulged a bit too much at home, this is the perfect piece to hide it away stylishly until you''re back in your bikini.

Fabric :Cotton/ Silk

Sizing: One Size Fits All

Each piece is unique

Color : Conch ( soft dusty teastain hue )

Care: Dry Clean Only
In stock : ships in 1--3 Days

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