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Ruffles are back , says the New York Times article, featuring Linen Salvage and other designers. For us, we have always been about beautiful romantic style bedding and pretty home textiles. It's been a long neutral road filled with every shade of grey and natural color, which is beautiful and subtle. But.. it's not us. There has been an absence of color for many years in the home decor market and the magazines that has left many of us more " extra" folks, feeling un-inspired. Looking to Victorian style, and with nods to beautiful french style, we swoon at anything that has frills, soft pastel prints and of course- ruffles.


Here's the New York Times article, and a few of the products they picked to feature. They loved our soft tatter ruffle throws. Our most romantic color is rose blush.




The author also loved our . Here's the color they selected, our beautiful soft chambray


Does your heart flutter a little when you see a petticoat? When you are antiquing or walking around a flea market, do you head over to the booth that has the pretty dresses?

We do too. So here's a little eye candy for those of you that feel like us, that more is definitely more, and we are so proud to be featured in the New York Times and to be recognized for a style that is the DNA of our entire company.

This is our most extravagantly ruffled bed, Giselle in soft cotton poplin, available in white, creme and ballet pink, which has become our new best selling color!

Shopping for more romantic style? Here's a link to all our collections! Have a wonderful week!

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