Oh how we love the color pink, do you?

Pink is one of the most iconic colors in history in culture,  fashion, architecture and interiors.   According to Wikipedia, "pink is the color most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity, and romance" These 3 words : romance ,charm and femininity really mean something to us.  As a kid, I remember my first pair of ballet shoes and my first tutu It was magical, I wanted to sleep in my tutu and my soft satin ballet shoes lived by my bed for years.

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As I became a better ballerina , I wanted to be "en pointe", and have toe shoes, but I wasn't strong enough to dance en pointe.It was crushing. My mom, bought me the toe shoes so I could clop around the house in them and mainly it was for the long beautiful satin ribbons that I could tie around my ankles. Caramelo Kids - Girls Pink Tutu Skirt | ChildrensalonAmazon.com: Pink Ballerina CostumeDOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® CROCHET TUTU DRESS V-NECK ballet pinkballerina pink tutu dress – barking babies

My obsession with pink continued , and eventually grew into an obsession with all pinks, including hot fuchsia and every shade in between. My mom was a textiles designer so we had a very colorful home. She celebrated with daring color and pattern mixes in every room.

My bedroom was a sea of pinks, pink stripe wallpaper, pink floral bedspread, pink shag carpet, a pink Barbie phone.Recently, I bought a pair of hot pink corduroy cargo pants, and they are of corse - amazing.


I decided that pink eventually was for babies, and I was embarrassed that I loved this color so very much. Eventually , I stopped trying to hide how much I love pink and stopped trying to have the "correct "home colors because of what I would read in all the home design magazines .Linen Salvage became my adult obsession with pink unleashed. Pink french toiles, pink ruffles, pink linen, pink silk velvet. I want to design and make a ballerina tulle bedskirt- would any of you buy it?                  

My design office is filled with pink prints large and small, pink fabricswatches and it makes me very happy.

This is one of my favorite "patchwork images", need to find this dress....


When I speak to some of you , we share the same feeling of a kind of "melting" sensation of falling in love with a pink something on our site. It brings such a huge emotional response  of beautiful memories and makes them ( and me ) feel like a princess allover again.

We should probably call this line "grown up princess" because that's truly who we are. We dream up beautiful confections for all of you princesses young and old, that get " that feeling: when you see something so pretty, so romantic, so beautiful , and you have to have it. So here's to forever loving the color pink, and to embracing your inner princess! Fill your home or bedroom with beautiful linens that make you feel wonderful especially in all our pink shades.

Thanks for reading, go have a pink martini!




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