Our relaxed french style ..thoughts on a rainy Sunday

When I  think of what our style is about, to me it's a feeling of effortless and soft beauty. I have always been in love with everything French, and studied it in school and made many trips over my life there, ,vowing one day to live there. The quality of the light in the south of France is quite indescribable. It feels like California. Soft, lush , and relaxed. The fragrance of the flowers like lavender and grass is like a nectar. Everything feels soft and natural, and well ... relaxed.

My dear friend Judy and I collaborated on our prints , she designs them, I color them, and it's always in my head- how can I make it feel soft and beautiful,Sometimes I close my eyes to "see" the colors in my head more clearly.

Our new design  Auberge is the perfect vintage style French print that feels as if you have owned it your whole life.We wash the fabric after we print it to give it a vintage hand feel (so important!) and when the fabric is finished, we hand cut and hand gather all the ruffles.  The end products make me very happy.


This bed mixes some of our silk velvet colors like chambray  and a new color Moss  that's on the way soon. We are working on a  gorgeous decorative pillow collection to layer onto your bed or to use in your living room.

Ironically , it's a  wet drizzly Los Angeles Sunday morning... The perfect day to climb back in bed with the dogs and snuggle in. Have a wonderful day , I'm excited to start sharing ideas and news about our style and inspiration.

Feel free to drop us a line  at info@linensalvage.com with any creative ideas for what you'd like to see or if we can feature any style or questions etc you may have about our products.  Thanks so much!


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