Our company began in 2010 on the belief that small batch production of beautifully made products can be made in the US.. We are in the heart of the Los Angeles fashion center, and we strive to empower our local vendors to provide us with creative techniques to make our products unique.

We are a woman owned business and 2nd generation in the US textiles industry . Linen Salvage et Cie began as the exclusive bedding brand for online retailer One Kings Lane for many years. Our founder spent more than 30 years in the textiles industry working for large fabric mills and fashion companies , creating product lines for well known retailers.

All our products are crafted here in small batches in our factory in Southern California, and while some of our fabrics are woven in other countries , we do all the dyeing and printing of them here. We are very proud to make our bedding the old fashioned way, expertly sewn and made by our amazing seamstresses.

We welcome you to our community.Thanks so much for stopping by!